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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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The fucking NERVE of some people!!! That would make me want to move right next to him, whip out the big ol' nursing boobs (and squirt him in the head....yes - you know this is possible ;-)), change a stinky diaper and hand the babe the loudest, most annoying Elmo toy I could find all while dictating notes on my next NYT bestselling memoir about "being a fucking awesome parent" into a small tape recorder. What I think I would have really done is turned Foster on him, hugged the babe close and tried really hard not to cry. I think you did great - the 5 seconds too late comments would have been awesome too - but who the hell can ever come up with those on the spot. I'm glad your trip home was easier. I'm thinking that I should revise my 'flying with a baby' advice to "make sure you have a couple drinks before takeoff!" I miss you and am so glad to have found your new blog!

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