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Thursday, April 08, 2010


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Nothing weird about any of this as far as I can tell!

We're just now night-weaning B. and he turned 2 in February. Lots of nursing happening through the day. I suppose we do this because we *can* -- L. doesn't have to go to work, and so why shouldn't B. continue to get maybe 20 percent of his calories from the most perfect kid food in the world?

The language thing is kind of nice because L. gets to have reasonable discussions with him:

"Do you really want milk, or do you just want to play around?"

"Play around!"

"Well milk isn't for playing around, it's just for drinking milk. Let's play a different game..."

Because B. is so language-driven these days, we can have very reasonable discussions about the night weaning; things he really understands like "when it's light outside, that means it's morning and you can have milk again..."


Thanks for that. I need it, since I have no friends in the immediate life that are still nursing. It's always balm to hear about other families who get where you are and why you are there. I have no desire to rush the O's babyhood. It goes fast enough on its own, and it is here only once.

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