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Friday, July 29, 2011


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Can we come visit? This sounds lovely.

Agreeeee that it's easier to get everyone dressed in the summer. God, the worst thing about last winter was potty training with all those frakking CLOTHES. I am shocked we managed it.

You pool sounds awesome. We have a similar one here, but I can't go to it because of the baby. (BABIES RUIN EVERYTHING FUN.) Since it's 100 degrees every damn day I can't take her and let her sit in her carseat while I watch Claire - too damn hot! Is so unfair. If it was even 90 I would go for a little bit but 100+ is too hot even for me. MEH. I HATE THE HEAT.

But, yes. two-year-olds are so much better than one-year-olds. SO MUCH.

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