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Thursday, March 08, 2012


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Oh, Roberta. You are such a good friend and this makes me teary with love and joy and sadness.

If only, right?

Sara @ Belle Plaine

Here via A'Dell and my goodness that was beautiful and sad and all those emotions in between. Jennifer is lucky to have such an amazing friend in you.

Derby City Jenny

Thank you for the wonderful post, Bert. You are so truly amazing. And, I am the most lucky woman to have a great friend like you. All the wonderful things you said reduced to me tears and to laughter. So many great memories that came flooding back.

I still remember the day we met - Ian was having an argument with the guy next to him about America and why it is amazing; the guy disagreed. Ian yelled, "well, you don't see people throwing rafts into the Potomac and trying to get AWAY from America!" I started to laugh and you all turned around - not realizing I'd been behind you listening. I looked at Ian and asked,"where would they go? Bermuda?"

Oh and that AWFUL woman in Tenley Town "too much talking, not enough clicking!" The guy next to you who would sleep with sunglasses on and his hand on the mouse. The summer of 2001 and the case in Bath, ME - the wonderful dinner at Cook's Lobster House where you taught us all how to properly eat lobster and we all made jokes about the forks "may I take your bident, sir?"

I always think of you when I get pizza - from the night you arrived with a bottle of Sicilian red from Schneider's of Capitol Hill because the sales guy insisted if we were having pizza, there was no other option. And, I agree. Wish I could remember the label.

I still have some of the GIANT pinecones I soaked in epsom salt (per Martha Stewart) to make a pretty, blue-flame spewing housewarming present for your fireplace... and her ratios were off, not enough salt and it didn't work. And we all cursed Martha that evening. My pinecones sit dormant but decorative in a basket by my fireplace as an homage to the imperfection of Martha.

AND, I made your 30th cake with a broken arm and before formal training. I'm glad you liked it, but I could do a million times better, so I owe you a 40th cake! No broken arms from drunk dancing this time...

If we were younger, I'd be honored to have you be a baby mama for me. ;) But, I am beyond honored to be crazy "Aunt Jen" for your magnificent daughter.

We talked about adoption, surrogates, etc. but - with the student loan debt forever dangling over me like the sword of Damocles - the cost is just too prohibitive. So, in the end, I will stay a devoted mom to fuzzy four-leg babies and will forever be a huge fan of all of my friends'/family's children.

And sometimes my reality brings pings of sadness to my heart... But, like Natalie Portman says in Garden State, "I’m not saying I don’t cry. But in between I laugh. And I realize how silly it is to take anything seriously. Plus, I look forward to a good cry. It feels pretty good." You KNOW I had to throw a movie quote in just for you, my dear! ;)

Love you lots! You are always in my heart.

And, if you and Seth want to get away and come see me... I have some extra Derby tickets! What could be more Southern and fun than Mint Juleps, big hats and The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports?

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