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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


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This is EXACTLY the situation with Claire these days. She's just not enjoyable. She's not, and I hare saying that, but she ISN'T. She spends a great deal of her days in time out and a lot of her other time throwing the fits and giving me the backtalk and arguing that LANDS HER in time out.

And more than anything when she spends her time in her room and I end the day thinking, "I am SO GLAD to be done with HER for a few hours!" it just makes me feel like a crappy mom. Ultimately, their behavior is a reflection of me and my skills, but also she's four and she's acting four and, well, four is four. FOUR.

I'm trying to just wade through it. It's horrible, but nice to know my four year old isn't the only one who has lost her freaking mind.

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos

Yeah. I get this.

My 9 year old is currently that child for me. The one who makes me think 'OMG I'M RUINING THEM ALL', because sometimes I don't even like her. Love, yes. Like...not so much.

Kids are insane hard. The kind of hard that makes you micromanage your own thought processes because every single thing requires so much of it.

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